May 4, 2020 / Lifestyle

Our ‘VON DIY Tie-Dye Kit’ has you quarantine covered!

As you all know, Tie-Dye’ing everything in my home has been a huge part of my quarantine days and also what’s been keeping me somewhat sane. What all started as a part time house hobby is now the main inspiration of the upcoming ShopVON loungewear pieces to come…

I started off selling a few of my personal handmade sets which then inspired to create something available for everyone to follow the trend but most importantly, something everyone could enjoy from home and get their creative process flowing! My mission during these last few days has always been to inspire you guys to foster inspiration + creativity.

We’re all a little TIE-DYE obsessed right now so here’s everything you need to know to do it yourself… #DIYwithVON


  • Includes: 2 T-shirts + Rubber Bands + 5 Dye Colors & Squeeze Bottles + 2 Iron on Patches
  • Measurements: Runs True To Size.
  • Materials: 100% COTTON T-shirts + Powder Dye.
  • Made in the fabulous Dominican Republic.
  • Our Family Pack includes just this but double!

It’s Time To Get Creative! Follow along my personal Step- By- Step guide on how to achieve the perfect TIE-DYE using the squirt bottle technique. All materiales needed will be found inside the kit.

TAKE NOTE: Each hoodie is ONE-OF-A-KIND due to hand dyed process.

Our Go-To TIE-DYE Techniques To Choose From:

  • Swirl : Decide where to place the center of the spiral. Then position your fingers around the center point and slowly begin to twist fabric in a spiral direction. Loosely wrap rubber bands around fabric to hold spiral together.
  • Crumble: Scrunch a section the fabric and secure with rubber bands. The more tightly you secure the scrunch, the more white space you will see in the final result. Repeat scrunching various sections of the fabric. With each section, vary the amount of fabric scrunched. Continue until the majority of the fabric is scrunched. Now shape the fabric into a ball with more rubber bands.
Still confused on how to get going? …It just got a whole easier by watching this video!

Once dye has soaked overnight, remove bands and rinse completely with cold water. Machine wash each item SEPARATELY, on delicate with baby shampoo. To finish, move each item to dryer separate and also place on delicate with little to no heat.

Own it & don’t forget to snap and share a pic along the way! @vonsite #DIYwithVON #VONSITE